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Missing The Middle – Out Now

Hey y’all! Exciting news! After months of recording and admin we can finally release our EP ‘Missing The Middle’. Our material is available on CDbaby and Soundcloud and should be available on iTunes and Spotify later in the week. Being a massive change from our last EP, we’ve...

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Quiet Please…Recording!

2015-02-19 20.26.41
We are currently starting the first rough recording of our 2nd EP! It is an exciting time for us as it is very different to our last EP. Over the past year we have been on a musical journey and we now play in a full band capacity. We have...

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You’re on in 30 Seconds, Lads

BBC Intro The South Live Lounge - The Leggomen
The location was the BBC studios in Brighton, and we where here because of our fans. The two weeks previous we had Please Smile played on the show that Melita Dennett  hand picked out of god knows how many tunes on the BBC introducing upload site. Wow! I think the...

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The Leggomen in America

In June 2014, Josh and I (Olly) went on a month adventure to the music capitals of America. So with guitar and box we set off on a musical journey that would change our lives. Our first treat was New Orleans where we took In the culture and mind blowing...

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